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Joyas Sensacionales "The Impossible"

Presentation of their recent work in space ARAM jewelry in Palma de Mallorca.



Joyas Sensacionales is a project of a contemporary jewellery design which started in 2008, founded by Silvia Walz in Taller Perill in Barcelona. An associaton of jewelry makers who work together on a topic or a feeling like. Now they present this year's topic " The Impossible".


Yaiza Alemany, Xus Anglès, Núria Anguren, Paula Bahadian, Eva Barton, Montserrat Basora, Gemma Canal, Lourdes Carmelo, Nicole Deuster, Alicia Giráldez, Eva Girbes, Lola Gratacós, Montserrat Lacomba, Rosa Nogués, Elisa Pellacani, Begoña Prats, Marta Roca, Carme Roher and Fátima Tocornal.

Opening:  27th june until 27th august, 2013, in ARAM espai de joies, c/del Carme,1- Palma de Mallorca

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