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D'UN VERD ÀRID in Sala Perill

Third exhibition series "Las Coordenadas"


Third and last exhibition series "Las Coordenadas" coordinated by the jeweler Silvia Walz.


Silvia Casas, Nicole Deuster, Carla Garcia Durlan, Lola Gratacós and Clara Niubò presents his version of a sober and thorny cactus garden.


"First I have to say that there did not see a cactus garden, I saw a giant beings whose bodies sported a beautiful and original jewels: in ears, collars, hats, jewelry flaps ... varied greens, textures and shapes. " (Bruna Scotto, 2016)


opening: Wednesday 13 April at 19:30.


from 13th to 16th April 2016

in Sala Perill, Avinyó, 46, pra 2ª, Bcn

Topical issues

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