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Cactus - Six personal interpretations of the same subject.


Third exhibition  "Las Coordenadas"   coordinated cicle by Silvia Walz.

D'UN VERD ÀRID - N 41° 22’8.04’ E 2° 10’20.39”


 "... It is believed that appeared on Earth about 80 million years ago. In those times had leaves, but as the climate was becoming drier and warmer, they began gradually -in a matter of thousands of years to 'convert' the leaves in thorns. "


Jewels: Carla García, Clara Niubó, Lola Gratacós, Nicole Deuster, Silvia Casas


guest artist: Chiqui M. Valls, textile


Opening 18th june  2016

Until  23th july 2016

in  galeria Context


Topical issues

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