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Cinta Sala

‘Jewel’ in most romanic languages means ‘happiness’ and not veneration of matter, but a veneration of the sacred of the live of all beeings, either animals, vegetals o minerals, since beeing is part of the earth. The pieces of the CREIX collections, seeds and paper, refered to the ephemeral of jewelry, life, nature, while its part of metal relates to the eternal that is a part of ourselves too.


(Barcelona, 1974) She lives and works in Barcelona. Bachelor at Art Academy of Universitat of Barcelona.Ceramic and Illustration studies at Escola Massana of Barcelona and Escola d’Arts I Oficis de la Diptació of Barcelona. Higher degree in Jewellery at Escola Industrial of Barcelona. She has taken trainings in Artist’s Book, Binding and Origami, and Illustration and Editing. She has exhibited her jewels in different places and art galleries in Barcelona.


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