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Cristina Giménez

Cristina Giménez presents pieces from her latest collections. METAMORFOSI, a series of five pieces that represent the transformation of caterpillar to butterfly. A metaphor of life. AND MARE CELLS, a series of three pieces, framed in the TRACES exhibition and inspired by a cell, a basic unit of life, a morphological and functional unit of every living being.
  • Brooch "Cèl.lula 1"
  • Brooch "Cèl.lula 2"
  • Brooch "Cèl.lula 3"
  • Brooch "Crisàlide-Nimfa"
  • Brooch "Imago"
  • Brooch "Kintsugi-record"
  • Brooch "Llum"
  • Brooch "Natura"
  • Brooch "Subtil"
  • Pendant "Cèl.lula embrionària 1"
  • Pendant "Cèl.lula embrionària 2"
  • Pendant "Cèl.lula embrionària 3"
  • Pendant "Laberint"
  • Pendant "Sistema Solar-Origen"
  • Pin "Kintsugi-fragments"
  • Pin "Pedres"
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