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06/02/2019 a 30/04/2019




ROJO -NEGRO” is a collection of Contemporary Argentine Jewelry that consists of pieces made entirely, or in large part, in Red and / or Black, in which 20 designers participate. One of its objectives is to highlighting the interaction of the dialogue with any material and also an invitation to rethink the diversity -and validity- of the perception.   Every single piece tells us a story and offer us several readings. Two colors as a justification to play with and highlight other characteristics of the materials as the shinyness and the opacity, the roughness and the smoothness, the reflection of the light on the different materials and surfaces. The color as a constraint, like an Oulipian restriction, to begin the exploration of possibilities of the material and the sensations that comes out from differences and similarities.


Exhibition commissioned by the designer  Luis Acosta.


Dates:from February 20th to March 3th, 2019


Opening:  February 20th at 7 pm

Participants: Patricia Trigub, Mai Solorzano, Bárbara Paz, Luis Acosta, Adriana Gatti, Paula Pizani, Simón Sorondo, Valentina Mander, Valeria Dowding, Belén Caputo, Camila Fernández, Paula Botto Fiora, Carolina Bernachea, Norma Rinaudo, Patricia Alvarez, Cecilia Mortola, Gabriela Horvat, Maria Carelli, Mercedes Castro Corbat, Irene Palomar, Luz AriasPlace: Galeria CONTEXT
Carrer de Viñolas, 8-10 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Bcn)

Some work exhibited

CONTEXT exhibitions

In the course of the year CONTEXT organises various themed jewellery exhibitions. The work of the artists taking part are publicised online/offline and published in a virtual catalogue.
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