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Buying from CONTEXT

Whenever you look at the details of a piece in the Gallery, whatever section of the website you are in, we offer you the option of buying it.

The pieces you’ll find at CONTEXT are made by one of our artists, and this means they may not always be available immediately, as they might have been purchased recently by another visitor to CONTEXT, and we may still be waiting for new ones. Sometimes there are pieces which are unique, and if they have already been purchased it won’t be possible to get another the same. In these cases too we will tell you.
When pieces are not available immediately, the time we give is the maximum, because the artists may already have been working to supply a new one. You can always enquire about the estimated delivery time of a piece which is not currently available at
The purchasing process is the usual one in systems featuring a shopping “trolley” or “basket”:

1.    When you access the details of the pieces you can add them to your shopping basket.

2.    Whenever you want you can check the contents of your basket, and when you are ready you can begin the purchasing process.

3.    We will then ask you for several things:
•    Your billing details.
•    The delivery details. Here you have to choose whether we are to send you the pieces or whether you prefer to collect them at a Barcelona address.
•    For the moment payment is by bank transfer, and by credit card.
•    Finally, we’ll show you a summary of your order so that you can confirm it.
4.    When you confirm your order we’ll show you a code which you have to specify as the subject of the transfer, if you choose this payment, so that we can identify your order properly.

5.    As soon as we receive confirmation of the transfer we’ll send you the order.
We’ll send you an e-mail confirming despatch with a reference code so that you can check the status of your order at any time.

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