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Joyas Sensacionales exhibition in Sant Cugat



 CONTEXT gallery presents "The Wild" in Sant Cugat del Vallès. A selection of jewels of the Joyas Sensacionales group coordinated by Silvia Walz.



The exhibition consists of over 40 pieces of 14 artists who currently participate in the group.


Participants: Lourdes Carmelo, Fátima Tocornal, Montse Basora, Begoña Prats, Sandra Llusà, Clara Niubó, Maria Diez, Alicia Giráldez, Carla García, Lola Gratacós, Nicole Deuster, Gemma Canal, Carme Roher, Stèphanie Barbié, Xus Anglès


until july 19, in Context gallery


Topical issues

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