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Silvia Casas

I looking for the beauty of imperfect things, incomplete and changing. Searching and finding beauty hidden elements and appearances as fine that may be invisible to the naked eye; appreciating the error or defect as something precious. I work from spontaneity, and gradually have been building a world full of shapes and colors, complex and extraordinary; my imaginary world. A world where I giving life to nonexistent , where changing forms and seem to be in constant metamorphosis. The surprise is always steady when I work!
  • Brooch "Disocactus"
  • Brooch "Echinopsis"
  • Brooch "Pachycereus"
  • Earrings "AleHop I"
  • Earrings "AleHop II"
  • Earrings "AleHop V"
  • Earrings "AleHop VI"
  • Earrings "AleHop VII"
  • Earrings "Blauet"
  • Earrings "Cactus I"
  • Earrings "Cactus II"
  • Earrings "Cactus III"
  • Earrings "Cosmos B-Ag"
  • Earrings "Cosmos B-color"
  • Earrings "Cosmos Criolla Ag"
  • Earrings "Cosmos I"
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