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Sílvia Serra Albaladejo

Silvia Serra Albaladejo presents her latest proposal EN FEMENÍ, a collective exhibition with eleven jewelers that wants to be a transversal look at a gender perspective. In the exhibition RESISTANCE (Sep. 2020), the artist presents a series of pieces he has been making since the beginning of the Syrian civil war. These are pieces that throw her into a reality that, unintentionally, is also hers, and that therefore affects us all. Working on these pieces transports her to a reality that she cannot hide, or stop looking at. Some pieces from his latest exhibitions, such as in the TRACES series (Sept. 2018), are a reflection of living and existing, which is partly resistance. And as she tells us, "he who resists generates a path full of vital traces." In EMOTIONAL METAMORPHOSIS (Nov. 2019), he invites us to take a playful-poetic journey through some of his jewels through the texts of Catherine Flumian.
  •  Brooch "Refugiats Desemparats 2"
  • Brooch "Caleidoscopi"
  • Brooch "En Femení 3"
  • Brooch "En Femení 4"
  • Brooch "En Femení 5"
  • Brooch "En Femení 6"
  • Brooch "Mare Nostrum"
  • Brooch "Refugiats Desemparats 1"
  • Brooch "Refugiats Desemparats I"
  • Brooch "Refugiats Desemparats II"
  • Brooch "Tinc la pell blanca de Lisboa"
  • Brooch "Traç"
  • Brroch "Amb el plat a taula"
  • Necklace "A la deriva"
  • Necklace "En Femení 2"
  • Pendant "En Femení 1"
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