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Ana Heimann

Nature is what drives my artistic creation. What is special, rare and different is what captivates us and traps us. Among a pile of opaque stones, it’ll be the bright stone, among a pile of bright stones, the small opaque stone or the tiny piece of glass washed by the time, what we find suggestive, the jewel.
  • Accordion "Aigua"
  • Accordion "Gènesi"
  • Accordion "Mur"
  • Brooch "El rey de los mares"
  • Brooch "Finestra"
  • Brooch "Illa de corall"
  • Brooch "Les Columnes d'Hèrcules"
  • Brooch "Troç de cel"
  • Earrings "Cercle mini cornalina"
  • Earrings "Clàssic"
  • Earrings "Cor"
  • Earrings "Cristall d'apatito"
  • Earrings "Disc d'or"
  • Earrings "Estrella"
  • Earrings "Fil de corall"
  • Earrings "Fulles i fruits"
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