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Isabel Tristan

Looking, observing, mentally deconstruct, understand and discover the process of object creation, the material which they are formed with and the passion for learning has made me being able to grow and evolve in my creative process. Pencils, papers, brushes, glues, cloths, threads, needles…they’ve been the tools that have always accompanied me. I have recently added metals, foils, solders, plastics, resins… anything that allows me to express myself in the contemporary jewellery world. I look at my pieces the meaning, the originality with the language and the best technique in every single case. I often take risks, I enjoy the freedom that working on an own project gives me.
  • Book "Fràgil"
  • Book "Polaroids"
  • Brooch "Blue"
  • Brooch "Pink"
  • Brooch "Plats"
  • Brooch "Prestatges II"
  • Brooch "Prestatges IV"
  • Brooch"Camins perduts"
  • Earrings "Geométric"
  • Earrings "Ovals III"
  • Earrings "Reconstrucció I"
  • Earrings "Tan sols paraules I"
  • Earrings "Tan sols paraules II"
  • Earrings "Tan sols paraules III"
  • Necklace "Paraules buides"
  • Necklace"Pensaments centrifugats"
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