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Eugènia Besora

I work with materials that are available to everyone and don’t have value in themselves. Nature is my source of inspiration, the natural order of the growth of organic elements, the changes that occur in the life cycleand how the line, the colour, and the space change. Concepts and technique help to solve creative processes. I try not to use the solder, so as the piece is integrated in a more natural way to everyday life, which becomes a language close to all.
  • Brooch"Joies de paper"
  • Collar "Ad lib III"
  • Necklace "Ad lib I"
  • Necklace "Ad lib II"
  • Necklace "Ad lib IV"
  • Necklace "Ad lib V"
  • Necklace "Joies d'esmalt fred"
  • Necklace "Joies d'esmalt fred"
  • Necklace "Leandre I"
  • Necklace "Leandre II"
  • Necklace "Leandre"
  • Pin "Brodats pintats I"
  • Pin "Brodats pintats II"
  • Pin "Brodats pintats III"
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