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Martina Pont

For Platon, knowledge and love are inseparable: the desire to go beyond intuition and sensible ideas, the true reality. The passion of love is what makes the soul grow wings, or even breaking the sensible world of things. EQUILIBRIUM is the name given to the pieces that Martina Pont presents in Tresors 2017, research between balance and imbalance of love, passion and serenity, longing and heartbreak, unbalanced reason.
  • Brooch "Nequilibrium I"
  • Brooch "Nequilibrium II"
  • Brooch "Nequilibrium III"
  • Earrings "M1305b"
  • Earrings "M1312"
  • Earrings "M1313"
  • Earrings "M1321"
  • Earrings "M1323"
  • Earrings "M1535"
  • Earrings"M1542"
  • Ring "M2511"
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