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Mar Juan Tortosa

We have needed three generations to talk about the murder of great-grandfather Ximo. Fear made the first keep him silent out of pain and so that nothing would happen to the rest of the family. The second one was still very recent and what they did was listen to some linked data. Now, from the third we are able to access information and give it a voice that, at the same time, is that of the whole family. Because what is history? We could say that it is a triggering of events that we carry on our shoulders. In this case, as if it were a link triggering that is still missing a few. Little by little we will gather, sew and shape it. Grandmother, mother and I, in a certain way, have that commitment: to give history a voice, to open graves and identify bodies that one day were taken from us.



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  • Brooch "Insignia per a la filla"
  • Necklace "Baules"
  • Object "En una fossa comú"
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