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Lola Gratacós

There where the cactus live, there is no room for error, they occupy the territory in a calculated manner. Clinging to the rock or suspended from the exhibit their defenses, orderly and gleaming spikes that define their space cliff. Drinking sand or absorbing fog survive adverse situations keeping water skimp heaven. Nevertheless they bloom, grow and multiply, slowly, slowly, as if time did not exist and would live forever. Perseverance, elegance and harmony. This is the feeling I have had in the garden of cactus.
  • Brooch "Cactus 1"
  • Brooch "Cactus 2"
  • Brooch "Cactus 5"
  • Brooch "Cactus 6"
  • Pin "Blanc"
  • Pin "Blau"
  • Pin "Verd"
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