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Closure of TRESORS 2017


On June 30th we closed the second edition of TRESORS exhibition of Contemporary Catalan Jewelery.


TRESORS is a constant evolution of creative activity which highlights the formal individuality and personal. Where the value of the concept of "content" takes its importance.

A dialogue between creator and viewer carrier begins to communicate symbolically everything that artists create and perform.


In this exhibition 15 artists presented 45 reference works within the contemporary jewelery scene in Catalunya.




Martina Pont, Clara Niubó, Imma Batalla, Lídia Sevilla, Marta Roca, Cristina Giménez, Rosa Nogués, Lluís Comín, Mònica Fugarolas, Gemma López, Xavier Domènech, Pilar Freixanet, Jordi Aparicio, Sílvia Serra.


Thank you very much to everyone for your confidence !!


Topical issues

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