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Fátima Tocornal

All through more the 30 years that I have been working professionnally, mainly in painting, and later video and jewelry, I have been narrating sensations, emotions and feelings that are part of the common imaginary. These images, sometimes undefined, calm and upset with the same intensity the spectator wit the intention that he feel and decode freely. Because of these my representations are nearer the lyric and subletness than of the narration, and because of theese, when someone explains me what one of my works sugest to him, he discovers truth that even myself did not know


(Cádiz, 1956). She lives and works in Barcelona. She followed Studies of Painting and Video at Escola Massana of Barcelona. She follows several trainings of Jewellery with Silvia Walz. Since 1987 she participates in individual and collective exhibitions, as well as Art Fairs and Festivals, in our country andabroad. She is member of Joyas Sensacionales, group coordinated by Silvia Walz.


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